How Do You Win at Casino Slots?

There are some people out there who claim to have a sure-fire way to win at online slots. Unfortunately, they’re lying. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning when you play slots online though, and you’ll find them all mentioned on this page…

How Do You Win at Casino Slots?

Practice First

Firstly, don’t jump straight in and start playing for real money. Instead, spend some time playing for free, so you can learn the ropes without losing money in the process. Once you have then mastered the basic aspects of the game, you can move onto low-level real money betting. The more confident you become, the more money you will be able to bet. Of course, don’t spend forever playing at low stakes though, as you won’t have the chance to win any real money!

Pick a High RTP Slot

This is perhaps the most important tip on this page – always play slots with high RTPs. RTP stands for Return to Player, and it states how much, on average, the slot will return to players. So, if a slot has an RTP of 98% (which is very high), players will win back, on average, $98 for every $100 they wager. Finding the RTPs of slots at the top online casinos is really easy, as they publish them on their site for everyone to see.

Bet as High as You Can Afford

Next up, we recommend betting as much as you can. This is for the simple reason that the more you bet, the more you could win. Also, with some progressive jackpot slots, only those betting the maximum amount will be able to win the progressive prize. We also want to say this as well though: please don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, as there’s no point getting into financial difficulties while gambling.

Bankroll Management

Now we need to talk about bankroll management – not the most exciting topic, but an important one. Bankroll management means looking after your bankroll, so you don’t lose it all quickly. By ensuring you’ve always got some money in reserve, you’re giving yourself more chances to win. So, we’d recommend never spending more than around 5% of your bankroll in a session. If you do reach this limit, have some discipline and stop, and then come back another day for another shot.

Use Bonus Funds

Finally, we recommend using bonus funds whenever you can, as if you’re not spending any of your own cash, it’s far easier to make money while playing slots! You’ll find bonuses offered at pretty much every good casino, and these include no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins. You will, of course, need to meet any wagering requirements before you can withdraw winnings though, which is why you should check the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.