I made this decision based on my personal medical history, age, and the hope and faith that I would continue to stay in good health. Will there be networking opportunities through the contract job that could lead to a full-time position? If so, a contract position could open a lot of doors your current full-time job might not. For instance, if you have experience in data management, then you may want to look for a data management contracting job.

Working in an office full-time will have you choosing sides that you most likely wouldn’t if you were working under contract. Hand-in-hand with being a part of a team, you are developing long-term relationships here, not temporary 6-month projects. Even when you’re ‘off,’ you could be emailed an important deadline to be fixed on that same day. Planning a day out with friends or family can be harder when your work/off times are not predetermined.

How To Get a Job in 5 Weeks.

I transitioned because my family was growing, my children got older or I wanted to pursue a passion. As a “professional worker”, I have been lucky enough to have experienced these three methods of employment. The other day one of my cousin (who is also active on LinkedIn) asked me what it was like to be a contractor. She told me that as a Full Time Consultant, she (and her peers) would always dream of being a contractor. I didn’t ask much more at the time because we were in the middle of discussing her gig as a full-time employee.

full time vs contract which one to pursue

For many people, this type of job security is quite appealing, as it means that they don’t have to search for work on their own. Instead, they will simply be working continuously within a company, fulfilling their specific role. One of the most common mistakes contractors that are new in that line of business make is taking on more projects than they can realistically handle. Needless to say, this can result in delays and failure to meet projects, which will make you come off as rather unprofessional.

Tips for Nailing Your Next Job Interview

Your interests, skills, perspective, and career goals all factor into which type of employment best suits you. If you’re looking for an easy way contract vs full-time salary to set up your 401K for freelancers check out I am a huge fan of their service, having used them for the past several years.


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