How Long Does Medical Drug Detox Take? Timeline & Factors

Symptoms of protracted withdrawal can last several weeks or even months. During this phase, your health care provider can also familiarize you and your loved ones with the post-withdrawal treatment process. Getting answers to these and other questions can improve your chances of success in alcohol and drug detox and treatment. CADCs provide individual and group therapy to help people living with addiction.

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While detoxing might be difficult, it is much safer and more successful if proper measures are taken. Coping with substance withdrawal and addiction can be a challenge. Support groups are available for addiction and even for addiction to specific substances such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Additionally, there are things that can be done at home to help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, such as eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Where Does Alcohol or Drug Detoxification Take Place?

If sustained weight loss is your goal, a better move would be to consult with a health care professional and engage in a balanced eating program with that specific objective in mind. Habitual detoxing or cleansing may also lead to larger issues, explains Dr. Tabone. “Unfortunately in the health and wellness space, there are many individuals who become overly fixated on body image and use their natural lifestyle as a way to justify unhealthy habits,” he says. Often used interchangeably, both “detox” and “cleanse” are terms that describe either a program, or a variety of approaches, to promote health. Psychologists specialize in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions, SUD, and addiction.

Detoxing is typically the first step for people looking to begin their recovery journey from substance abuse. Depending on what substance you are dependent on, detoxing can take some time. Inpatient treatment can be followed by residential treatment where the person lives in a community where they can receive more long-term care for their substance use disorder. Detoxing generally refers to removing toxins from your body, often for weight loss or other health-promoting purposes.

What Is Medical Detoxification?

“Cold turkey“ is a term used to describe the decision to abruptly stop using a substance. Substances may also be more easily accessed at home than at a facility, so you may have a greater risk of using again with home detox. drug detox American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

  • They’re trained to understand the complex relationship between mental health and substance misuse and how to deliver evidence-based treatment for addiction.
  • With this type of care, it is important to have supportive household members to watch over you at night.
  • Detoxification is just the initial step in recovery, whether a drug withdrawal or alcohol detox.

“Home detox – supporting patients to ov[…]me alcohol addiction.” Australian Prescriber, December 3, 2018. Little research has been done on the efficacy of liquids used in detox or cleansing programs. However, the general consensus is that at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night is best for optimum health.


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